Client Comment

"My clients are still talking about you and what a great Hot Topic you put on! I got so excited I enrolled in your Certification course too!"

— Darcy Kelly
Fidelity National Title

Realtor® Testimonials

"Suzee's presentation for Realty Executives 2006 International Convention was a cameo of professional excellence. Congratulations. And thanks!"

— Linda B. Weis, ABR,CRB,CRS,GRI,PMN,Broker-Owner

"I bless you everyday that you enlightened me to Feng Shui....if it wasn't for that initial e-mail you sent me way back, I know that I would not be saying that I have currently over $130,000 in commissions in contract. I owe it all to you, Feng Shui, and your seminars........Thanks so very much!"

— Debra L, Stagg, RE/MAX

"I thoroughly enjoyed the teleconference. Its very beneficial to hear other members questions and 'take' on things. I also like the tip you sent. Feng Shui is truly life-changing. I'm amazed everyday!"

— Paula Mayes, Coldwell Banker - KPDK Georgia

"Color Your Listings Sold with Feng Shui works, and it works fast. I Feng Shui all my listings now; it's great billboard advertisement for more listings and referral business. I'm SOLD on Feng Shui and I'm SOLD on Suzee Miller!"

— Sam Spade, Keller Williams

"Suzee, I purchased and listened to your marketing program on Color Your Listings Soldwith Feng Shui and sold a difficult listing two days after Feng Shuing it myself. Your audio book is fantastic and everything you say is true. What a great way to market and sell property. Thank you so much for introducing me to this unique concept; I intend to market all my listings with Feng Shui."

— Pam Luckey, Coldwell Banker

"I still cannot believe that every thing turned the other way around!!! Right after my phone consultation on November 3, 2003, I Feng Shui'd my office and the same week I had an accepted offer. By the end of November I had three Contracts with $ 60,000. in escrow and new listing. December was little bit slower, but I got two new MLS listings. I was thinking about to close my office. Now I am looking forward to talk to you again. I want to Feng Shui my house and I still have few questions regarding my business.

"I used my last dollar to consult with you and within one week, had $60,000 in commissions and contracts. I bless You and Your Amazing Five Elements Business System for saving my life and career."

— Natalya Mikinberg, R.E. Broker

"Feng Shui and Suzee Miller have made the most incredible changes in my life. My business is soaring, my team at the office is working at peak production and our business has never been better. In the last 60 days we have put over 30 transaction sides into escrow. I started as a Feng Shui skeptic and now I Feng Shui all my listings."

— Chris McKeen, Prudential Real Estate

"Suzee Miller SAVED my commission for less than the price of an ad in Homes and Land. My seller was going to take her home off the market in 2 weeks, so I immediately e-mailed Suzee photos and a virtual tour of my listing and faxed her the floor plan, comps, and MLS printout. She consulted by phone with my seller and me on Thursday, buyers flooded the house on Friday, we received an offer on Saturday and opened escrow on Monday...with 3 back-up offers!!!"

— Jean Tietgen, Star Real Estate

"Thank you tremendously for all your kindness! Our relationship with you and your influence on our lives, business, and family is awesome (and mind-blowing!) We are so thankful for being invited as guest speakers and share our story during your teleseminar. What a great program you put together... I love listening to you - always inspiring and motivating; including your other wonderful clients/guests and their stories - wow. We are always happy to share with your clients any time. Thanks for the great Feng Shui advice for the Year of the Dog - we were on the edge of our seat, ready to remedy (love that baby to be!) In fact, it's all coming together - and your comments of our performance were so it... 'Clear and centered'... Natalia and I thank you entirely for this. Your beautiful system, the books, the thoughts, the actions, bringing it all together in synchronicity - it's happening! I love your business system - I am so amped on life, you have truly empowered my life. my family, and my business... thank you!"

— Ryan Williams, Chase International

"In the last 3 years, I have hired Suzee Miller to Feng Shui my home, office, staff, my clients' properties and two "new home" builder subdivisions (sales offices and model homes). I don't know where to begin, other than to say that my life and career has been one incredible miracle after another, since meeting this dynamic lady. In a nut shell, my income has tripled, my free time has increased tenfold, business opportunities come to me from everywhere, I have more energy than I can channel, and most importantly, I feel vibrantly healthy and alive. Feng Shui is absolutely amazing, at least the kind that Suzee does; it has positively changed my way of life, forever!"

— Ilona Miller, RE/MAX

“Hi, Suzee. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you, thank you, thank you for your unbelievable assistance in the sale of our client’s home on Ximeno Avenue. Before I convinced my partner that we needed to think outside the box to sell this property, it sat on the market for over two months. We couldn’t figure out what to do until we took your advice and Feng Shuied it. It took us less than one hour and it sold in less than 3 days!!! In addition, our contract closed ahead of schedule in one of the easiest transactions we’ve had in years. According to our “conservative” seller, Feng Shui Rocks! Today we Feng Shui all of our listings before putting them into MLS. Thanks, Suzee for making this fun marketing technique available to us; we’re having a dynamic year!”

— Francoise Pichon, GRI, CRS, Keller Williams Real Estate

"Suzee, since learning how to Feng Shui my office and desk and using your 5EBS, my income has tripled in one month! Your simple system is amazing...unbelievable to be frank. I'm a seasoned agent and have always done well, but in the last 40 days I've earned $89,000 in commission income by working smart and not hard! Not only that, I feel more organized, on top of my database and centered with a defined business plan. I love Feng Shui!!! You are awesome...thank you for contributing so much to my prosperity and well being."

— Linda Reynolds, RE/MAX

"Since you Feng Shui'd my office a month ago, lot's of business has been coming my way. Haven't had time to hand out fliers or do mailers to first time buyers. I have 4 escrows and 2 listings in the works this week. Yesterday I had an old client's friend look me up after 1-1/2 yrs. to tell me she is ready to buy a beachfront condo up to $500,000. It's amazing what a little rearrangement can do for business!"

— Steve Robles, RE/MAX

"I just had a little cubicle office space that I shared with another agent and didn't think Feng Shui would make a big difference in my career but decided to Feng Shui it anyway after hearing Suzee Miller speak. Within days, it was like I was launched from a cannon. Business came from everywhere and my clients were/are to this day a joy to work with. It's 1-1/2 yrs later and I'm now #1 in my office!”

— Janie Sullivan, Coldwell Banker

"Since learning Feng Shui with Suzee, we just put 16 transactions into escrow in less than 3 weeks!!! Her system is AMAZING and we are already 300% over last year’s earnings! Feng Shui has positively enriched and changed our lives and real estate careers forever!"

— Mary & Michael Fry, Century 21

"Last summer I noticed the market times doubling and I said to myself, 'Do you want these homes sold in 2-3 wks or 2-3 months?' Obviously, the sellers opted for the former, so I started studying Feng Shui. In the past year I have sold 35 homes, all in less than 30 days and for 98.6% of the list price, and Feng Shui is a big part of my selling homes faster and for more money.

"My best story is that I sold a home in less than 36 hrs (on Thanksgiving weekend, no less) that literally backed up to a major expressway. I have a lot of other success stories where the owners were with another agent for literally months and I sold their homes in a few days!"

— Marilyn O'Connor, RE/MAX

"We listened to your Feng Shui Empowerment course last Friday, and went out 2 days later and Feng Shui'd our Sunday open house (a listing on the market over 40 days). It took us less than 30 minutes to Feng Shui it, and to our shock and amazement within one hour the first buyer who walked in...bought it!!! The buyer commented: 'this house feels good,' not only that our seller received top dollar, the buyer put more than 35% down, and we're closing escrow in 30 days! Thank you Suzee Miller, your Feng Shui techniques are incredible!!!"

— Nancy and Mike Fenn, WCR Members

“My clients are still talking about you and what a great Hot Topics you put on! I got so excited I enrolled in your Certification course too!

"Life continues to flow with abundance and hope you are enjoying the same bliss you have created so beautifully for others. I look forward to hearing from you.”

— Darcy Kelly, Fidelity National Title

"Suzee's Five Element Business System has allowed me to spring board from being a top producer to the highest levels of career success. Since applying Feng Shui principles to my office and desk, I am now #1 in the western region and #3 in the nation for 2003 with Century 21. Today, while I'm doing higher volume sales than I could ever have imagined possible, I am also experiencing an abundance of cooperative and respectful clients along with a centered and dynamic team. Real estate has become, simply, effortless and fun with Feng Shui!"

— Martha Burgoon, Century 21

"You consulted with us 4 days ago on Monday and I wanted to give you an update - we have decluttered the office of old 2005 items, turned Debbie's desk around, bought all the file folders and are having a gang buster week of listings and buyers. Our team is energized and continuing to make the changes necessary to move forward. Thanks again for all your help!"

— Karen Ocker, CRS,SRES,RRS

"Consulting with Suzee Miller has been an enlightening experience. It's been very informative and empowering. Her Five Element Business System has taken my business to a new direction with fantastic results. After consulting with Suzee, I am now working in a more peaceful environment and I have more than achieved my goals. I would definitely recommend a consultation with Suzee to anybody who wants to multiply their sales and income."

— Steven Dove, RE/MAX, Springfield, IL

"I can attest that Feng Shui works and works fast! I Feng Shui all my listings, ask top dollar for them and get it. I'm currently enrolled in Suzee's CERTIFICATION program and love it. Quite frankly, Feng Shui has already branded me ahead of the competition. I'm looking forward now to networking with other REALTORS® knowledgable in Feng Shui. Thanks, Suzee, for teaching me how to use Feng Shui the right way!"

— Kathy Luebcke
Broker / Owner, Intero Real Estate

"Since consulting with Suzee Miller and applying her Feng Shui techniques to my business in October 2005, I have seen my business increase dramatically. When I meet with my sellers they are excited to be involved in the process of Feng Shui and how it pertains to the sale of their home.

"I especially love Suzee's Five Element Business System and recommend any real estate agent, mortgage broker or business owner to use this system. It works! The money I spent with Suzee has helped me triple my business and will help you triple yours too!"

— Michele Sullivan, Realty Executives, NV