Client Comment

"My clients are still talking about you and what a great Hot Topic you put on! I got so excited I enrolled in your Certification course too!"

— Darcy Kelly
Fidelity National Title

Location... Location... Feng ShuiTM

NEVER be caught off guard when a buyer or seller asks you about Feng Shui. During this presentation, attendees will learn the basic principles of Feng Shui, what to say and not say about Feng Shui to their clients, and how to overcome problems like ... poison arrows, sloping ceilings, staircases, missing corners and properties in poor locations. Knowledge and information gained in this empowerment program will provide architects, builders and REALTORS® with "a new way" of viewing property, while ensuring buyer, client and seller loyalty. In addition, they will discover how to write contracts/escrows in record time by capitalizing on Feng Shui principles in real estate.

Here is a sampling of a few satisfied clients:

"I had the good fortune of introducing Suzee Miller at our International Convention in Miami, Florida this year. The audience was captivated, enchanted and charmed with her wealth of knowledge. In fact, I don't think any of us blinked, as we were all madly taking notes as fast as we could. Her presentation was not only attended by 100% of those present at her first seminar, but the room overflowed with new attendees once the word got out on how good Suzee was on the subject of Feng Shui.

"Being the Facilities Director, I am responsible for approximately 20 offices, and I can assure you that Suzee's input and expertise will be a strong influence on the future of our leases, buildings and office design."

Mick Matthews, CPM
Facilities Director
Realty Executives

"Suzee is a real pro and an excellent speaker and presenter. She spoke clearly, with lots of positive energy and enthusiasm, while establishing herself as an authority. She was well organized and used a computer with LCD projector to display her presentation. I was very impressed with the way she was able to maintain control of her presentation and the way she handled questions from the group. The room was filled with eager real estate professionals who were so pleased with Suzee's presentation that they begged her to come back again for another seminar!"

Dr. Rob
Feng Shui News

"Suzee, your CERT seminar was a great shot in the arm. I was at the CAR..RE convention last week and heard alot of speakers but none as good as your conference call seminar Thanks very much!"

Barbara Klopp

"Suzee was the keynote speaker at our last annual retreat aboard the Carnival Cruise line to Mexico. Everyone loved LOCATION...LOCATION...FENG SHUI, along with her unique sales and Feng Shui marketing tips. Our agents are now using Feng Shui principles to sell property and the results have been positively amazing. We highly recommend Suzee and all of her seminars."

Jan Sandquist
Realty Executives