Client Comment

"My clients are still talking about you and what a great Hot Topic you put on! I got so excited I enrolled in your Certification course too!"

— Darcy Kelly
Fidelity National Title

Suzee Miller's Five Element Business System®

With highly-successful clients in a wide range of industries, Suzee Miller has been training professionals in the Five Element Business System™ one-on-one, for years. Now, Suzee offers her expertise in one condensed version.

Suzee Miller�s Five Element Business System™ is an in-depth guide to success in sales and marketing. Built on the foundation of understanding and honoring individual differences, the system equips beginners and business veterans alike how to break out of preconceived limits and acheive professional success beyond the realm of possibility.

Suzee Miller�s Five Element Business System™ is packed with a lifetime of experience concisely-written, abundantly-illustrated, and inspirationally-delivered via:

  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • One-on-One Consultation
  • Online Webinar

Suzee Miller's Five Element Business System™ includes:

  • Desk Bagua
  • Office Bagua
  • The Art of Placement
  • Third Realm Power Elements
  • Fourth Realm - Energy
  • SMART 5EBS Time Management Plan
  • 8 Feng Shui Wealth-Building Principles of Business
  • Formula for Working ON ... not ... IN Your Business

Here is a sampling of a few satisfied clients:

"I just wanted to send a note to thank you so much for the wonderful consultation today. I feel really great about it and am looking forward to getting my office in balance and working the Five Element Business System. There are so many aspects of it that I'm looking forward to but mostly I'm grateful for having you show me the way to find balance in my business, family and personal life. I think you are awesome and appreciate you so much. Not only for what you've opened my eyes to and shown me thus far, but also for what you do for so many people. Thank you for your part and doing all that you do to make this world a better place."

Althea James
Keller Williams Realty

"Since consulting with Suzee Miller and applying her Feng Shui techniques to my business in October 2005 I have seen my business increase dramatically. When I meet with my sellers they are excited to be involved in the process of Feng Shui and how it pertains to the sale of their home.

"I especially love Suzee's 5 Element Business System and recommend any real estate or mortgage broker to use this system. It works! The money I spent with Suzee has helped me triple my business and will help you triple yours too!"

Michele Sullivan
Fine Homes & Luxury Condo Specialist, Realty Executives

"Since learning Suzee's Five Element Business System, we just put 16 transactions into escrow in less than 3 weeks!!! This system is AMAZING and we learned it in less than 2 hours too! In the prior year, our business increased 300% and we made the cover of Broker Agent magazine within 6 months of Feng Shuing our home and office. (this can all be done by with Suzee) Feng Shui has positively enriched and changed our lives and real estate careers!"

Mary & Michael Fry
Century 21

"Suzee, your Five Element Business System is amazing! It helps us track the money and stay focused on the good clients. We've had a 50% increase in hot prospects since using your system. We were #1 for the first time in our company within 30 days of Feng Shui'ng our office and hope to be #1 again this month too. My productivity doubled in 60 days of being Feng Shui'd. Within 90 days we put 18 homes into escrow and already have 8 closed. No BOMs at all, and, oh yes, 12 listings too! We are organized and balanced for the first time and business comes from referrals quite effortlessly. Thank you Suzee for everything!"

Poupee Komenkul

"Suzee's guidance in helping me to create form, function, flow, and fun to my office environment has greatly contributed to my peace of mind and the success of my business. Our usage of the Five Element Business System has raised the qui of my office and helped me grow my business to be in the top 1% of the lending industry during the two years I have been using Suzee's system. I am grateful to Suzee for sharing her wisdom and promoting peace, harmony, and prosperity into my life!"

Steven Saucer
Loan Office
Countrywide Home Loans

"After only ONE WEEK of Feng Shuing my office by phone with you, a series of miracles started to happen. First of all, I got the opportunity to become the CO-OWNER of a great company with no money investment (a guarantee of 100,000 yr, plus commission overrides, and this was an unsolicited offer!) Amazingly enough, the wonderful results of my consultation were not exclusively for me. My husband is a general contractor, he was really struggling with his business. After only one week too, he was completely booked and the phone hasn't stopped ringing! Your Five Element Business system is incredible Suzee..there is no way to explain how it works, but boy does it and it works FAST too!

The prior year after consulting with you on my home, I followed your advise and placed purple flags in our wealth area because of snow. I was having problems finding the flags so I made them myself. The results have been magnificent. My kids are doing great in school, my relationship with my husband is better than ever and we both feel like we have balance and A LIFE for the first time in our lives.

I've read several books on Feng Shui before and dabbled in it a bit, but to be honest nothing you teach have I ever found in a book, and the the results of your Feng Shui are fast, furious and fantastic!

Thank you, Suzee, for improving our lives in every positive way!"

Traci Ehlts
North Liberty, Iowa


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