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Feng Shui = POWER


Feng Shui CERTIFICATION gives "you" the Knowledge, Skill and POWER needed to Buy, Build, Design, Lease, List, Market and Sell Property


In "any" Economic Cycle!


Feng Shui is "not" the same as staging. Feng Shui is the Study of ENERGY - how Energy IMPACTS homes, listings, offices and environments



In its PERFECT Format


Will Brand You a


It's the only "self-study" Feng Shui Certification course of its kind in the WORLD with...

Over 500 "new and proven" Feng Shui guidelines, techniques and Feng Shui tips to IMPROVE your Sales, Income, Life and Career - no matter what your background or profession may be today!

Learn how to Feng Shui, step-by-step, and how to:

BUY ... BUILD ... DESIGN ... LIST ... LEASE ... SELL ... OWN...

Condos, Homes, Apartments and Commercial Property with GOOD Feng Shui. This course includes how to IDENTIFY auspicious Feng Shui Lots, Land, Location and Floor Plans that Support and Empower both...People and Money!

Discover for yourself the benefits of Feng Shui in Real Estate

Here is what a Homeowner has to say about Suzee's Feng Shui CERTIFICATION:

"Our home was on the market almost 6 months with no offers. When the listing expired, we hired a Feng Shui savvy Realtor® (never heard of it before-but my wife did). Our new agent came in and did a few things inside and out, and “within 72 hours” our house sold. Within one week of Feng Shui, my wife got promoted to V.P., we won $1,000, and a 2nd T.D. of $10,000 that was owed us for years was paid off in full!!!

"My wife and I wouldn't think of buying a home, anywhere, without working with a Feng Shui Certified professional...THAT'S FOR SURE!"

–Jerry Philips
Property Mgr./Western United States
Xerox Corporation

Here is what a REALTOR has to say about our Feng Shui CERTIFICATION:

"I just double-ended a property in 3 days using Suzee Miller's Feng Shui sales and marketing techniques. Feng Shui Certification is fast, fun and easy to learn. The course and benefits are worth every penny, ten times over!"

–Sandra Jean LaBarbera, RE/MAX - NC
Feng Shui Certified REALTOR®, RE/MAX - NC

Here is what a Professional STAGER has to say about our Feng Shui CERTIFICATION:

"As a Real Estate agent who is also a Certified Stager, your course is absolutely invaluable to both realtors and professional stagers.In the past, I have taken great pride in the interior staging, but with my “new feng shui” knowledge and your excellent teaching, I feel that this will tie everything together especially the land, plus putting the correct emphasis on the interior rooms. I am thrilled that your certification course information found its way to my email box. It is truly going to make a huge difference in my business."

Diane Sutton, RE/MAX - VA


If you are NOT satisfied with Your Life, Career or Income


is "definitely" for YOU!

CERTIFICATION includes 24 audio programs that integrate both "East and West" schools of Feng Shui. This intergrative approach to Feng Shui includes online PRINT Q & A Outlines of each audio program, along with charts, graphs and course handouts.

Now you can learn Feng Shui AT YOUR OWN PACE from the comfort of your home, office or automobile...

ANYTIME ... ANYWHERE ... ANY PLACE ... 24/7!!!

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Honoring many masters, teachers, authors and schools of Feng Shui




Education + Knowledge




now only $1275

Purchase Program (CD)
CD Audio Book and Online Print Materials

FREE Shipping and Handling in North America


Note: People like Trump, Tiger, Oprah, and Spielberg, along with the largest companies of the world such as Coca-Cola, Sony, Shell, Procter & Gamble and others, "actively" embrace Feng Shui principles to increase their productivity and create harmonious relations among employees, while multiplying their earnings and free time.

"Dear Suzee, I would like to say how impressed I am with all that you do in the great world of Feng Shui. Your talents and your knowledge surpass others in the Real Estate Market in combination with Feng Shui. You are the one that I turn to for certification and also to utilize the correct analysis of a property."

–Yvonne Phillips, First Vice President
Feng Shui Institute International


Go for the GOAL and the GOLD with

Feng Shui Certification!


Suzee Miller



** All CERT sales are final due to certification guidelines


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